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Submit your press release and share it with our ever-growing user base. It will appear in the dedicated press release section on our homepage and also in our default sidebar, which is featured on the majority of our pages. There is also a link to the Press Release section in our main menu under ‘PRs.

Publishing is subject to editor approval and cleared payment. If we suspect your press release is about a product or service which may be fraudulent, we will not publish it. Selected press releases will be promoted via our social media profiles. The current price per release is USD 75.

Keep in mind that BlocksOfCryptoClub only accepts and distribute PRs related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. This includes topics like:

  • ICO launches, updates and milestones
  • Blockchain projects and business adoption of the technology
  • Cryptocurrency adoption in the corporate or small business industry
  • Bitcoin, ETH or other altcoin price predictions and celebrity endorsements
  • Ethereum and smart contract news and updates
  • Altcoin news and updates

If you are unsure whether or not your press release qualifies for distribution on our website, send it to us by email for review. Please keep in mind that there is a cost to publish each approved PR.

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