PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror On Bringing Crypto Payments

PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror On Bringing Crypto Payments

The digital payments industry is expected to reach $726 billion in 2020 globally. Despite these staggering numbers, most traditional digital payment methods still contain high fees, are exclusionary based on nationality or residence, and traditionally have not been crypto-friendly.

One company, PumaPay, has been working on this solution for nearly two years and has announced the launch of a payment solution that will help bridge the gap between digital payments and cryptocurrencies for both retail consumers and businesses.

Forbes spoke to PumaPay’s CEO, Yoav Dror, on the company’s latest advances, the state of the industry, and their upcoming Asia tour.

PumaPay’s Comprehensive Payment Solution supports the most common transactions in the online and offline spheres, such as recurring payments, top-up, pay-per-use, and pay-per-time; providing a blockchain-based solution for everyday payments.

We aim to disrupt the whole payments landscape. We have developed a suite of products including our own cryptocurrency, mobile wallet app, a payment gateway for merchants and a marketing hub for merchants and consumers. Accepting crypto payments has never been easier. We revolutionize payments by providing a faster, more efficient and inexpensive alternative to credit cards to empower your digital customer.