BnkToTheFuture Going into Security Token Offerings

BnkToTheFuture Going into Security Token Offerings

BnkToTheFuture expects a bright future for the STO market. The company is going to offer a shared security token advisory and investment service.

BnkToTheFuture, an investment platform that matches investors with investments. Based entirely online, they use their online investment platform to assist those high net worth investors who have limited knowledge about cryptocurrencies to invest in profitable ventures.

They recently decided to allow for Security Token Offerings which are becoming increasingly popular with cryptocurrency investors. The firm is expected to invest a yet-to-be-announced amount in the UK cryptocurrency consulting firm Diacle which is best known for its services in cryptocurrency investments and consulting to provide preparatory services which include investment advice to potential clients who would want to list their offerings with BnkToTheFuture.

In an interview with Coindesk, the CEO Simon Dixon, said:

“We get an average of 45 applications per week from fintech and crypto companies seeking funding. 18 percent of these are now looking at security tokens.”

Noting the new nature of the asset class he added:

“The big challenge for the industry is investors want to invest in security tokens because they offer additional liquidity. But the liquidity is not there yet, as the asset class is very new,”

This, of course, must have been what prompted them to take STOs seriously in the first place.